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Rastadaroo Co. Ltd. was established in 2000 in Iran, Rastadaroo is a biotech company with a wide range of scientific and trade activities. Our main activities are as follows :
  • Production  (Molecular Biology enzymes: Taq Polymerases and Bladder Cancer detection Kit)
  • Clinical Trials  (new drugs for Bladder and colon cancer)
  • Research activities  (in collaboration with European companies)
  • Realization of ImuPro test for delayed hypersensitivities
  • Organizing Monthly Scientific Workshops
  • Importation and distribution of a variety of Research and Laboratory reagents, kits and instruments from many important companies around the world
  • Importation and distribution of veterinary injectable antibiotics, human probiotics, human food supplements, Hygienic products in pediatrics and gynecology, high technology cosmetics and a vast variety of modern dermo-aesthetic products
As the research in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology has become more and more important here in Iran and neighboring countries, there is an increasing demand for research products such as Laboratory Materials and Instruments, Life Science Kits, and Reagents and Chemical Products.

Worldwide Network and Production of Molecular Biology Research Tools
By using a large network of worldwide scientists in the fields of clinical and molecular biology and pharmacology, Rastadaroo Company can help BSc, MSc and PhD students studying in the related fields, physicians, medical and molecular scientists on how to choose the most effective and relevant and less expensive biological technique for their experiments.
Rastadaroo Co. LTD is proud to announce that our scientific team experienced in Immunology, pharmacology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology has arranged scientific workshops since 2008.
Importation and Distribution
We search continiously for new technologies to achieve a higher quality and efficacy in pediatric and gynecology products. By a very fruitful cooperation with IPRAD Laboratories - Institut Pharmaceutique de Recherche, Application et Développement (Pharmaceutical Institute for research, application and development) in Paris - France, Rastadaroo realized its dream for an active presentation of high technologic products for hygiene of Womens and Children in Iran.

By being an active actor in injectable veterinary suspensions, Rastadaroo imports different animal health products fabricated in french great enterprise Ceva Santé Animal by Inouko Generics company.

For serving the real effective supplements to our reverend population, Rastadaroo collaborate with very famous european fabricants (Nutergia, MGD Nature, Biocyte, EA Pharma, Leurquin Mediolanum Laboratories, Phosphotech, C-Viatis, DoVital Pharma), for distribution and a scientific presentation of food supplements in Iran. Anjou Laboratories and LDA Laboratories in Paris - France help us for entering to a new world of high tech aesthetic and cosmetic products based on laminin and hyaluronic acid.

Representation of Italian company Optika Microscopes and German company Carl Roth has fortified us to supply different research and educational laboratories by proper and up-to-date instrumental technologies.
Rastadaroo finance and support
Rastadaroo can finance and support following activities :
  • Distribution of all types of biological products and kits in a proper transport chain +4°C, -20°C, -80°C and >-130°C to all cities in a vast network of hospitals, universities and research institutes.

  • Our qualified scientific team has many years of experience to advise all customers on the optimal solutions for their laboratory techniques. We have a real-time follow up system registered by Rastadaroo for maintenance. Thanks to this system of follow-up and guarantees for trouble-shooting, most of our customers prefers ordering to Rastadaroo.


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